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    Jiangmen YuanQiang Cleaning Products Factory also named Jiangmen FengRun Commodity Co.,Ltd, which was established in 2002 in GuangDong Province. It covers more than 20000 square meters, specializes in producing and developing new shapes of sponge products & memory foam items.

    Since our rapid development, we are manufacturer of  high quality sponge,bath and car sponge,nylon mesh ball,memory foam pillows,cushions,toppers as well as scouring pads and kitchen cleaning sponges. which including household furniture sponges etc. Our main market is Europe, USA , UK. We have cooperated with LUX, DOVE, AVON ,3M ,OLAY brands etc.

    "Focus on Customer, Base on Quality, Self-innovation and Meet Market¡¯s Need" are our mission. Also, we have a strong and responsible team which is made up of the excellent management, experienced sales, patient customer service, professional R&D, credible production and precise QC.

    We believe that quality products and intelligence creation are the foundation of our sustainable development, close communication and listening to customers' suggestions & ideas will keep our pace on the market trend and customers' satisfaction and trust are our most value and successful !! Jiangmen YuanQiang Cleaning Products Factory & FengRun Commodity Co.,Ltd is looking forward to establishing the brilliant future with you.

    ¡¡ FengRun Commodity Co.,Ltd
    YuanQiang Cleaning Products Factory
    Add:LiuFang Industrial He Tang JiangMen GuangDong China
    Tel:86-0750-3712123 0750-3737035 0750-3737036 0750-3733026  Fax:86-0750-3712122
    E-mail:sales@xh-linglong.com / infojm@yuan-qiang.com
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